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Reach for the Cloud! Entrepreneurs (and advisors) Wanted…

Our Ulitzer portal site ( is entitled ‘Reach for the Cloud’. This entirely sums up the headline theme and purpose of our Cloud Ventures group. Cloud Computing is a very technical topic and this is where the advances are being made, but as many will tell you the primary business benefit is the ability to […]

Canada outsources all government IT to the Cloud!

Newly elected Minister for Technology and Innovation Neil McEvoy commented from his Florida home that this was excellent news for his fellow Scotsmen, and that he was available for technical support later in the afternoon, after tennis. Yes of course a spoof, just to demonstrate the type of idea I meant by a ‘hairy audicious […]

Cisco expands Unified Computing portfolio

As I wrote recently there is likely to be a similar pattern of investments and then later acquisitions that mirror the last big wave of the Cloud trend. For a while it went by the moniker Utility Computing, and Sun, IBM et al all got very busy buying up various start-ups that allowed them to […]

Microsoft SaaS Ventures 3.0

A key type of Cloud Venture is a SaaS (Software as a Service) start-up, especially so if it is natively integrated with the underlying Cloud infrastructure, better yet with a Microsoft Cloud. Even better again if it leverages a social media Enterprise Web 2.0 strategy, with an eye towards the emerging Semantic Web.

Cloud Camp Toronto – Nothing but upside

Sponsored by Enomaly, Windows Azure and Make Web Not War, Cloud Camp Toronto took place last night in the Metro Centre downtown. Given Cloud Ventures is about enabling new Cloud Computing start-ups, what I loved about it was the overall emphasis of entrepreneurism. If you’re a dot com veteran like me you’ll be familiar with […]

Cloud Computing – Jam today, not tomorrow

For business people, especially investors, the one core sentiment about Cloud computing I would stress right now, in October 2010, is this one. The last time I experienced it was during preliminary phases of the dot com boom, and well, we all know what followed. Cloud Computing simply represents a re-surfacing of this same underlying […]