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MiCloud – Government Cloud Storage

With an annual budget of over $80 billion the US Government is the largest IT buyer in the world, and they are looking to Cloud Computing as the strategic technology to enable this cost base reduction. The state of Michigan is an excellent example of the best practices that agencies can adopt to achieve this […] Global Best Practices

With an annual budget of over $80 billion the US Government is the largest IT buyer in the world, so their recent decision to go “Cloud-first” on their purchasing will drive huge uptake and endorsement of Cloud Computing.

Innovation at the speed of Cloud

It may seem like blasphemy, but actually the ability of Cloud Computing technologies to virtualize applications and gain resulting hardware efficiencies, and thus cost-savings, is not actually the most interesting part or compelling business reason for its adoption. Sure a ton of money is spent on under-utilized servers and storage and of course the cost […]

Open Government Best Practices – Partners wanted

As well as Cloud Ventures, which is for development of commercial start-ups focused on Cloud Computing, I also provide a voluntary executive role for iFOSSF, a USA-based 501(c)3 non-profit. iFOSSF has a social mission to leverage open source for repeatable solutions to achieve the UN’s Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), and it’s an exciting area where […]

Innovation Nation – Anatomy of Government Cloud Outsourcing

The most important sector for the Cloud market is Government, because they set the laws that govern it for all others too; their stamp of approval will open the floodgates. In their Reach for the Cloud analysis, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada says that: “it is also possible that the Government of Canada might create […]

Open Government Canada – Achieving the Millenium Development Goals

As part of launching the ‘Open Government Innovation Network‘, I have also started the process of organizing a conference for here in Toronto : Open Government Canada – Achieving the Millenium Development Goals. If you’re interested in participating, just reach out to me or join the Linkedin group. Transformational policy leadership As well as covering […]

Microsoft Citizen Service Cloud – Virtualizing Innovation

One example of a use case for how Governments can greatly accelerate their adoption of business model best practices through Cloud technologies can be defined through ‘the Microsoft Citizen Service Cloud’. This enables a ‘Business Model Innovation Cloud‘, a unique new way for governments to provide employment development services to citizens.

Ultra Lean Government – Open source best practices and the Cloud

Last week the USA Federal Government held their second Cloud Computing workshop, to help advance uptake of the technologies through ongoing maturity of Cloud open standards and best practices. To maximize the success there is a call out for more use cases, more examples of how the technology can be successfully adopted so that others […]

Microsoft Cloud Solutions – Government

Last week the US Government held their second Cloud Computing workshop, and identified key trends and objectives. A great synopsis from Kevin Jackson here. NIST plays a real backbone role in the Cloud computing industry. Data privacy and security is the lynchpin topic, being addressed by organizations like the Cloud Security Alliance, who package up […]

Cloud-Powered Webocracy

Open Government also refers to how business processes can be re-engineered too, from closed to Open. It doesn’t mean just moving it from offline and paper-based to an online web version either, it’s possible to move an offline, closed process to an equally closed online process, so in essence there are two distinct steps to […]

Join the Open Government Think Tank

My recent white paper on Cloud Computing is centred on the practice of ‘Social Innovation‘, based on this research brief document from the Canadian Federal Government, Policy Research Initiative. We’ll be exploring this further through iFOSSF, a USA-based non-profit. As well as Cloud Ventures, which is mainly commercial, I’m also a board director for iFOSSF […] – Open sourcing best practices

In addition to the white paper I have also started up a simple Linkedin group to begin the process of launching the ‘Open Government Innovation Network’. You can access this from The main idea is to identify, document and share best practices in this emerging field, and ideally in some kind of open source […]

White paper : Open Government Innovation

Open Government Innovation Harnessing Collective Intelligence for Public Sector Transformation An Executive Guide to the Business Value of Microsoft Cloud Computing Download: 16-page PDF This white paper is intended as a strategic overview of Cloud Computing for senior business executives in Government, providing a synopsis of how Cloud-based applications like Sharepoint might be applied to […]