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PeopleWare 2.0 – High performance groupware from the Cloud

We’re helping to launch ‘UC Cloud’ events: The super sweet spot where Cloud Computing overlaps with Unified Communications. It’s an exciting area because it channels these different camps of technologies towards a primary business benefit that every one shares and understands: High Performance Organization. Improving the effectiveness of sales teams is one example. ‘Enterprise 2.0’ […]

Innovation Nation – Anatomy of Government Cloud Outsourcing

The most important sector for the Cloud market is Government, because they set the laws that govern it for all others too; their stamp of approval will open the floodgates. In their Reach for the Cloud analysis, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada says that: “it is also possible that the Government of Canada might create […] – Get Lync’d in to Linkedin

Microsoft is launching Office 365, the most fundamental shift in their history because they are ‘all in for the Cloud‘. LiveWIRE 365 is our new Cloud Venture that will enable service providers to offer value-add Cloud apps that augment 365 and help encourage more adoption of it. It synchronizes your contact data across 365, desktop […]

Enterprise Cloud solutions program

At you can find the start of our online guide to Enterprise Cloud solutions. This a complete solutions program that includes audit consulting and will be delivered through MSPs and telcos, where Enterprise Cloud design will span across both internal private Cloud as well as public services. Fundamentally it’s a best practices program that […]

Microsoft Telco Cloud Services

The portfolio of solutions I suggest in my white paper ‘Telco Cloud Services‘ can be enabled entirely on the Microsoft suite, amonst others of course. This vendor specific review highlights a number of key points from the document, and again further provides a context for where new start-ups have fertile niche opportunities to innovate.

Sharepoint Private Cloud – Socializing enterprise applications

The reason I think the Cloud market will experience such a huge boom is that it will be accompanied by other equally powerful IT trends. Indeed they will magnify the benefit of one another, and these overlaps are the ideal sweet spots to provide the context and opportunity for new start-ups. The overlap between Cloud […]

Cloud Solution Sales Program

The main commercial consulting service of our Cloud Ventures group is an outsourced function for Cloud Solution Selling; in a nutshell this means an outsourced sales function combined with a channel partner solutions program designed for the Cloud sector.

Sharepoint – Enterprise Salesforce 2.0

This video presentation provides a great demo to introduce the key new features of Microsoft Lync, and also the critical role of a Sharepoint site that feeds it too. The value of these applications is magnified when they are used together. Sharepoint offers various Enterprise 2.0 features that enable staff to self-describe what organizational expertise […]

Synch the Lync! UC and the Cloud

As it sounds Unified Communications refers to unifying your modes and methods of communications, building on ‘convergence’ of IP networks such that your phone, emails and faxes are all simplified into one toolset. Microsoft made big waves in the telco industry a few years back by entering the telephony market with the release of their […] – Reinventing the channel for the Cloud age

Microsoft Cloud Solutions is an independent channel partner program for Cloud-enabled Microsoft solutions. It brings together leading vendors and start-ups within a framework of best practices, and enables sellers to achieve competitive advantage through leveraging the inherent benefits of Cloud economics. Download the Microsoft sales deck presentation (10 page PDF)

Microsoft Citizen Service Cloud – Virtualizing Innovation

One example of a use case for how Governments can greatly accelerate their adoption of business model best practices through Cloud technologies can be defined through ‘the Microsoft Citizen Service Cloud’. This enables a ‘Business Model Innovation Cloud‘, a unique new way for governments to provide employment development services to citizens.

Ultra Lean Government – Open source best practices and the Cloud

Last week the USA Federal Government held their second Cloud Computing workshop, to help advance uptake of the technologies through ongoing maturity of Cloud open standards and best practices. To maximize the success there is a call out for more use cases, more examples of how the technology can be successfully adopted so that others […]

Microsoft Cloud Solutions – Government

Last week the US Government held their second Cloud Computing workshop, and identified key trends and objectives. A great synopsis from Kevin Jackson here. NIST plays a real backbone role in the Cloud computing industry. Data privacy and security is the lynchpin topic, being addressed by organizations like the Cloud Security Alliance, who package up […]

Canadian Cloud Roadmap – Next steps for Microsoft Cloud Solutions

As I have been profiling we are now very active in developing a ‘Microsoft Cloud Solutions’ portfolio, aka a Microsoft-based ‘Cloud in a Box’ for those who wish to roll their own Azure and cater for local markets. We will be packaging this for the Government sector as the method of tailoring, and also as […]


One of the segments we’re designing into the Microsoft Cloud Solutions portfolio is a program for software development entrepreneurs. Obviously a natural fit for Cloud Ventures! Our initial brand idea for this is the Cloud Computing version of BizSpark, ie CloudSpark. If you’re on Linkedin you can join in the discussion here to help formulate […] – Open sourcing best practices

In addition to the white paper I have also started up a simple Linkedin group to begin the process of launching the ‘Open Government Innovation Network’. You can access this from The main idea is to identify, document and share best practices in this emerging field, and ideally in some kind of open source […]

Mobile Private Cloud

For telcos considering their Cloud Computing product strategy, one key area is the overlap between enterprise applications and the mobile markets, aka ‘Mobile Private Cloud’. As an example of this is the instance of hosted Microsoft Sharepoint described in the Outlook Social Connector article. More specifically, explained in this diagram. Often when people talk about […]

White paper : Open Government Innovation

Open Government Innovation Harnessing Collective Intelligence for Public Sector Transformation An Executive Guide to the Business Value of Microsoft Cloud Computing Download: 16-page PDF This white paper is intended as a strategic overview of Cloud Computing for senior business executives in Government, providing a synopsis of how Cloud-based applications like Sharepoint might be applied to […]

Microsoft Cloud Security for Government Compliance

Governments are one of the largest potential adopters of Cloud Computing, and equally have the most demanding requirements for the levels of security and data privacy it must offer. They’re mandated by policy to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data they store, and so it’s no wonder they would be cautious to […]

Microsoft SaaS Ventures 3.0

A key type of Cloud Venture is a SaaS (Software as a Service) start-up, especially so if it is natively integrated with the underlying Cloud infrastructure, better yet with a Microsoft Cloud. Even better again if it leverages a social media Enterprise Web 2.0 strategy, with an eye towards the emerging Semantic Web.