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PeopleWare 2.0 – High performance groupware from the Cloud

We’re helping to launch ‘UC Cloud’ events: The super sweet spot where Cloud Computing overlaps with Unified Communications. It’s an exciting area because it channels these different camps of technologies towards a primary business benefit that every one shares and understands: High Performance Organization. Improving the effectiveness of sales teams is one example. ‘Enterprise 2.0’ […]

Enterprise Cloud solutions program

At you can find the start of our online guide to Enterprise Cloud solutions. This a complete solutions program that includes audit consulting and will be delivered through MSPs and telcos, where Enterprise Cloud design will span across both internal private Cloud as well as public services. Fundamentally it’s a best practices program that […]

Sharepoint Private Cloud – Socializing enterprise applications

The reason I think the Cloud market will experience such a huge boom is that it will be accompanied by other equally powerful IT trends. Indeed they will magnify the benefit of one another, and these overlaps are the ideal sweet spots to provide the context and opportunity for new start-ups. The overlap between Cloud […]

Sharepoint – Enterprise Salesforce 2.0

This video presentation provides a great demo to introduce the key new features of Microsoft Lync, and also the critical role of a Sharepoint site that feeds it too. The value of these applications is magnified when they are used together. Sharepoint offers various Enterprise 2.0 features that enable staff to self-describe what organizational expertise […]