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Innovation at the speed of Cloud

It may seem like blasphemy, but actually the ability of Cloud Computing technologies to virtualize applications and gain resulting hardware efficiencies, and thus cost-savings, is not actually the most interesting part or compelling business reason for its adoption. Sure a ton of money is spent on under-utilized servers and storage and of course the cost […]

Reach for the Cloud! Entrepreneurs (and advisors) Wanted…

Our Ulitzer portal site ( is entitled ‘Reach for the Cloud’. This entirely sums up the headline theme and purpose of our Cloud Ventures group. Cloud Computing is a very technical topic and this is where the advances are being made, but as many will tell you the primary business benefit is the ability to […]

White paper: Cloud Computing Roadmap

Cloud Computing Roadmap Telco product strategies for the Cloud Aware age Download 13-page PDF This white paper provide an overview of the maturing Cloud landscape, and how telcos can align their product strategies accordingly to offer attractive service offerings for key client markets like Government. Central to this is a roadmap for ‘Cloud Aware’ applications, […]

Synch the Lync! UC and the Cloud

As it sounds Unified Communications refers to unifying your modes and methods of communications, building on ‘convergence’ of IP networks such that your phone, emails and faxes are all simplified into one toolset. Microsoft made big waves in the telco industry a few years back by entering the telephony market with the release of their […]


One of the segments we’re designing into the Microsoft Cloud Solutions portfolio is a program for software development entrepreneurs. Obviously a natural fit for Cloud Ventures! Our initial brand idea for this is the Cloud Computing version of BizSpark, ie CloudSpark. If you’re on Linkedin you can join in the discussion here to help formulate […]

Cloud OSS : Inter-Cloud Provisioning Services

For our ‘Target Architecture‘ campaign I de-composed the Canadian Federal Governments’ Cloud Computing Roadmap into a matrix of each of the component part technologies they plan to adopt. One of these components is ‘Cloud Provisioning Services‘, for enabling “everything as a service”, a common automation layer across infrastructure, platforms and software as a service, and […]

Microsoft SaaS Ventures 3.0

A key type of Cloud Venture is a SaaS (Software as a Service) start-up, especially so if it is natively integrated with the underlying Cloud infrastructure, better yet with a Microsoft Cloud. Even better again if it leverages a social media Enterprise Web 2.0 strategy, with an eye towards the emerging Semantic Web. – The Coming of Cloud Aware Applications

In this great blog from Mike Vizard he describes how IT vendors are engineering their products to directly become a more integral part of the Cloud. “For that reason, we’re seeing the emergence of application-aware storage services in the cloud. For example, StorSimple has created cloud computing software that is aware of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint […]

The Three Barriers to the Cloud, Part 3

This is the final of three articles on factors impeding the adoption of Cloud Computing. The first is here. How do I get my gerbil to roar? How do I scale this thing? Most applications are designed to run on a single computer. This makes them ideal to run in the Cloud as they fit […]

The Three Barriers to the Cloud, Part 2

This is the second of three articles on factors impeding the adoption of Cloud Computing. The first is available here. Where do I plug in? Who’s in charge of provisioning? The latest buzzword for the web is the VM; the Virtual Machine. It’s the basis of the new Cloud, but it’s actually not a new […]

The Three Barriers to the Cloud

By Tom Chalker, CEO and Founder Esotera, Senior Associate Cloud Ventures Back in the late 1800’s it was clear that electricity was the energy form of choice for industry. However it wasn’t until decades into the 20th century that the big players gave up their big steam-powered local electrical generators for cheap commodity power from consolidated […]