– Get Lync’d in to Linkedin


Microsoft is launching Office 365, the most fundamental shift in their history because they are ‘all in for the Cloud‘.

LiveWIRE 365 is our new Cloud Venture that will enable service providers to offer value-add Cloud apps that augment 365 and help encourage more adoption of it.

It synchronizes your contact data across 365, desktop and other key applications like Linkedin.

Collaboration 2.0

Microsoft’s new applications like Lync and Sharepoint provide a “collaboration OS” for the enterprise, the building blocks of modern collaborative workflow systems. These can be installed on-premise or accessed online via Office 365, which also makes available new models for the desktop tools that use them.

The other key dimension to modern collaboration methods is the use of the public Web 2.0 social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, and for business professionals sites like Linkedin.

LiveWIRE is based on the SaaS software VirtualCONTACT. As it sounds provides the web 2.0 version of the oldest business traditions, swapping business cards. It provides a simple CRM system ideal for small businesses, that can then be further leveraged as a contact synchronization framework that keeps your tools like Outlook updated dynamically.

Via Web services interfaces and other tools we’ve created an extensible framework called LiveWIRE that can be set up to synchronize contact data across multiple address books both on and offline.

In short it will enable you to connect to individuals via Linkedin, and then use this relationship to keep the underlying contact data synchronized with Office 365 applications like Lync. You’ll be able to connect via Linkedin and communicate via Lync.

Venture specification

LiveWIRE 365 delivers:

  • Full Contact Management & Sales Forecasting
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Outlook (Desktop and/or Hosted)
  • Full Collaboration via Microsoft SharePoint
  • Full Integration with Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace & Twitter) – Imagine being able to see what your Contact has been up to without having to click a thing!
  • Unified Log-in via InfoCards/OAuth (Eg Use your LinkedIn log-in for LiveWIRE)
  • Fully integrated web sign-up forms
  • Fully integrated email marketing/marketing automation

Integration and Mobility

LiveWIRE 365 also provides interfaces to Microsoft Office, including Outlook Social Connector, SharePoint and most mobile phone manufacturers; Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows 7 Mobile. Additional, secure interfaces can usually be written in a matter of hours by using LiveWIRE’s powerful WebService.

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