– A living business plan

· Canada Cloud

We like to think of Cloud Ventures as a “Do Tank” – A think tank that works as hard to make ideas a reality as it does to think them up in the first place.

One of our key project areas is to help Canada develop a significant presence in the Cloud Computing industry, and towards this end we’ve started a simple, fun and hopefully very productive site, the Canada Cloud Business Plan.

As the name suggests the idea is to bring together a team who defines a strategy for how to make this happen, and critically acts on it to realize it too. The “living” part of this is that it’s an online document, with wiki features so that any one can join and add to it, so equally the team can be as dynamic as the ideas it collects.

In the ‘Your Action Ideas‘ section any one can click ‘New Page’ to add and edit their own page of this world domination plan!

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