Enterprise Cloud solutions program


At EnterpriseCloud.biz you can find the start of our online guide to Enterprise Cloud solutions.

This a complete solutions program that includes audit consulting and will be delivered through MSPs and telcos, where Enterprise Cloud design will span across both internal private Cloud as well as public services.

Fundamentally it’s a best practices program that utilizes maturing Cloud standards from organizations like the DMTF and SNIA, and the role they play in enabling new Cloud-based products like managed desktop and distributed storage.

For example recently the US Government held their second major Cloud workshop where it was discussed how these standards can be leveraged for their massive Cloud rollout plans. The SNIA and others are discussed in this 26-page page slide deck.

This program will be continually expanded with new partner products.

The fundamental value of Cloud is that it provides a virtualizing fast-track platform for new services that benefits every one. Service providers are able to deploy Cloud server software from vendors like Enomaly that can then be built upon for managed IT solutions like Cloud Desktops.

This also offers start-ups the same value and context. ‘LiveWIRE‘ is a start-up we’re fast-tracking through integration into this framework. This software virtualizes contact management in the same way other technologies virtualize storage or desktops.

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