Microsoft Telco Cloud Services

New Service Pays Drivers to Pick Up Hitchhikers


The portfolio of solutions I suggest in my white paper ‘Telco Cloud Services‘ can be enabled entirely on the Microsoft suite, amonst others of course.

This vendor specific review highlights a number of key points from the document, and again further provides a context for where new start-ups have fertile niche opportunities to innovate.

Virtual Data-Center Services

First it can explain the basic difference between public vs private Cloud. Microsoft of course operates their own public Cloud, Azure, but they also offer a range of technologies for building your own, the Dynamic Data-Center suite.

This can be used to deliver on-premise private Cloud, which can be used to enable the types of new services I suggest in the paper, such as managed Cloud Desktop or automation of Sharepoint apps.

For a great example of how this type of technology might be translated into a top-end telco product platform, check out the BT offering Virtual Data Centre. This brings all the benefits of virtualization to a managed data-centre environment.

News: Industry standards are key to the evolution of this sector, and one of the key bodies is the OMG. They have an upcoming workshop, with a detailed agenda to cover these types of topics.


An example of how this provides a context for start-ups is a Cloud Venture we’re developing called ‘LiveWIRE’.

Unified Communications is the type of ‘killer app’ that will drive end-user demand for this type of infrastructure, with Microsoft recently announcing major news in this area, the upgrade of OCS to ‘Lync‘.

LiveWIRE utilizes the same principles of virtualization to offer a framework for synchronizing all the contact details required to streamline communications across these tools and applications.

It’s is a suite of fully integrated Microsoft applications built around .Net, SharePoint, virtualCONTACT and Lync that offers highly integrated Unified Communications and Contact Management/CRM which fully supports all the latest advances in social media, mobile apps and location based services, as well as offering the outstanding development environment provided by .Net and SharePoint.

LiveWIRE will also provide interfaces to Microsoft Office, including the Outlook Social Connector (OSC), SharePoint and most mobile phone manufacturers; Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows 7 Mobile. Additional, secure interfaces can usually be written in a matter of hours by using LiveWIRE’s simple but powerful WebService.

LiveWIRE’s tight integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook means that Microsoft Lync works straight out of the box. Simply hover over someone’s name in Outlook or in any Office document and the Lync ContactCard will appear showing their Presence. Now all you have to decide is how you want to contact them (telephone, email, IM etc).

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