Reach for the Cloud! Entrepreneurs (and advisors) Wanted…


Our Ulitzer portal site ( is entitled ‘Reach for the Cloud’. This entirely sums up the headline theme and purpose of our Cloud Ventures group.

Cloud Computing is a very technical topic and this is where the advances are being made, but as many will tell you the primary business benefit is the ability to accelerate innovation. This includes enabling more entrepreneurism in general, as well as new start-ups specifically within the Cloud Computing market.

So the function of our CV group is to help incubate and progress new ideas where the Cloud can be used to fast-track progress, so join in and submit your idea.

These ventures will be progressed through the helping hands of industry veterans, and we’re looking to recruit for an Executive Leadership team as an advisory board for this too. The requirement is to review business plans and provide advice, in terms of Cloud Computing but also in general with regards to successfully bootstrapping a new start-up.

Accelerating Ventures – Cloud Aware Applications

The primary benefit of the group is to help accelerate ventures, through various rocket fuel initiatives.

Indeed the entrepreneurial focus is actually the best way to explain the technical merits of Cloud Computing technology, and how they might benefit other projects not just start-ups.

The most significant of these is ‘Cloud Aware Applications’, as this represents a fundamental shift in the nature of software engineering itself. Rather than writing software for deployment on to a computer, developers are now writing them for deployment on to a Cloud.

That’s a key difference, where an application is being pre-wired for integration into a broader integrative ecosystem rather than existing in a standalone environment, and then being connected to other standalone systems as an after thought.

This lack of integration is the biggest outstanding fault of IT and so fixing it represents the largest sea change the IT world has yet witnessed.

For start-ups this offers very important benefits, most importantly high-speed quality: It’s easier to write new e-commerce applications faster, that perform better and are better integrated for more streamlined processes.

Sales acceleration

Naturally this represents an associated sea change for the IT industry of systems integrators and developers too, and another key dimension to our venture acceleration model is that ideas can be plugged directly into revenue-generating sales acceleration programs.

Indeed they can be shaped by them.

A key objective of our advisory board is that it offers input from leaders active in the marketplace who can advise on real-world client opportunities and needs, with the view entrepreneurs factor this into their business planning. The fundamental questions Venture Capitalists will ask centre on this process: How well have you quantified the market need, and how well can you sell to it?

The Cloud Solutions Program is a channel partner program for existing Cloud firms, right up to the largest vendors and integrators, for this purpose, so that there is a tactical benefit to participating in Cloud Ventures, and new start-ups can be fast-tracked through inclusion into the same solution selling.

So what are you waiting for, now is the time for YOU to realize that start-up ambition….

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