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The main commercial consulting service of our Cloud Ventures group is an outsourced function for Cloud Solution Selling; in a nutshell this means an outsourced sales function combined with a channel partner solutions program designed for the Cloud sector.

Accelerating Cloud solution sales

The basic idea is to package leading edge Cloud technologies into various IT outsourcing solutions, which will then be sold through web hosts and telcos as delivery partners.

An initial list of solutions includes:

  • Enterprise 2.0 collaboration
  • E-commerce and Legacy app migration
  • Mobile Private Cloud
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Archiving for email, Sharepoint
  • Cloud Desktop
  • Cloud Migration consulting services

Our solution partners will help define the details of each of these, and add others, so we’ll need a logo, Powerpoint slides, proposal/white paper template material, availability of pre-sales resources etc.

In particular we want to create a powerful set of resources and support for sales training, so that the service provider salespeople and their support teams are able to quickly develop and progress qualified opportunities in their target markets, and share this throughout their organization as a repeatable methodology.

This will include a Sales Qualification Questionnaire and other materials to cover:

  • Understand the value proposition for enterprises migrating to Cloud services
  • Application Assessment services to convert interest to concrete migration plans
  • Calculate and document compelling TCO and ROI proposals

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  1. N. Reese Bagwell

    Great article! The vast majority of successful first movers and stellar performers in their respective business industries have found that the definitive answer to success in cost reduction and quality performance enhancement in their business models has been through outsourcing their non-core competencies. The key, these companies have found, is that they outsource their non-core competencies such as their back office work (A/P, A/R, Customer Service, Internet and telephony response-inbound, inbound/outbound sales, procurement, H/R, etc.) so that they can more effectively maximize their focus on their core competencies. They have achieved major benefits not only in capital cost savings but also in flexibility, scalability and even consultative improvements from experienced and reputable outsourcing providers. Moreover, most of these companies are also pleasantly surprised to discover that the quality of the outsourced services do not suffer in terms of quality but, rather, that the quality and efficiency levels of the services they provide are, in fact, enhanced- a benefit that inures to the benefit of their client/customers. For Case Studies, informative white papers and further information definitively demonstrating how these benefits are realized, please visit and/or call Reese Bagwell at 931.551.8888.

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