Synch the Lync! UC and the Cloud

Address Book (application)

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As it sounds Unified Communications refers to unifying your modes and methods of communications, building on ‘convergence’ of IP networks such that your phone, emails and faxes are all simplified into one toolset.

Microsoft made big waves in the telco industry a few years back by entering the telephony market with the release of their UC suite.

It’s really relevant to the Cloud market because it’s an entirely software centric approach, where the Communicator client and Exchange server software could provide all the same feature functionality as your traditional telephony equipment, like voicemail and call conferencing.

Cloud UC – Cloud Aware Applications

With it being software it can of course be virtualized and thus be part of an IT consolidation exercise that yields big cost savings. It can be more easily deployed and managed via Cloud automation tools.

Not only that but it can be more easily integrated with ‘the Cloud’ in a broader sense, in terms of being dynamically hooked up to your social media sites too, like Linkedin and Facebook. These are sites where you do virtual networking, swapping contact details like the age-old process of exchanging business cards.

Thus wouldn’t it be ideal if when your contacts changed their personal details, like their phone number, it was reflected dynamically through your address books in these tools so you can still just Click to call and be connected straight away?

Microsoft have now renamed their UC client tool from OCS to Lync, so this process will be ‘synching the Lync’!

We’re now incubating a Cloud Venture called ‘LiveWIRE’ that will provide this synchronization capability. This demonstrates how ‘Cloud Aware’ applications is software that doesn’t assume to stand alone any more, but acts as a component part of the Cloud world in this dynamically integrated manner. It’s aware of its virtualization environment and also the world of Web 2.0 apps.

Stay tuned to learn more.

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