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Microsoft Cloud Solutions is an independent channel partner program for Cloud-enabled Microsoft solutions.

It brings together leading vendors and start-ups within a framework of best practices, and enables sellers to achieve competitive advantage through leveraging the inherent benefits of Cloud economics.

Download the Microsoft sales deck presentation (10 page PDF)

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

A key technical design for Cloud Computing is the ‘Hybrid’ architecture – a mix of some external and some on-site service delivery.

This same principle is key to how the Cloud market will impact the IT channel, and how they can best position themselves for it and maximize their benefit from it, ie. Utilize public Cloud infrastructure where appropriate, but also combine this with on-site and private Cloud methods to tailor slutions for clients.

This Forrester report provides keen insights into the approach.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions is an independent channel partner program built around the Microsoft suite of products, utilizing Cloud technologies and delivery models to achieve competitive advantage. This includes but isn’t restricted to utilizing public Clouds like Azure, instead providers can deliver total solutions that include hybrid services based on their own hosting, as well as on-site.

Azure is intended for a large but quite specific market of software developers looking for commodity resource for their apps, what public Cloud is best at. But there is still a massive market outside of this for organizations looking for a broader mix of components, on a more personalized and local basis. Many organizations such as Government have restrictions of where their data can be hosted, dictating requirements for local Cloud providers.

Next steps

  • Download and review the PPT. It will be updated on a continual basis as new partners and new solutions are added.
  • Join the Linkedin group. This is a private group for those in the trade, to network, share ideas and opportunities.
  • Engage. The program is led by myself, Neil McEvoy, and you engage me as a consultant to activate the program for your organization. This provides all the sales materials, partner relationships etc to begin selling the solutions described.

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