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Last week the US Government held their second Cloud Computing workshop, and identified key trends and objectives.

A great synopsis from Kevin Jackson here.

NIST plays a real backbone role in the Cloud computing industry. Data privacy and security is the lynchpin topic, being addressed by organizations like the Cloud Security Alliance, who package up NIST and ISO27002 best practices into a program for Cloud implementations.

NIST continues to evolve this role, with the key function being they are the policy-makers of the central strategies and best practices for the $82 billion in IT budget spending it will impact.

The head honchos, the CIO for the US Government and the Director of NIST, headlined the event and talked on the workshop’s goals to initiate engagement with industry to accelerate the development of cloud standards for interoperability, portability, and security, through leveraging the expertise throughout the commercial vendor community as well.

This call out is really quite a rare and unique opportunity to influence IT direction in the most important IT organization in the world!

Key items include:

  • Cloud Computing Roadmap
  • Reference Architecture
  • Use case scenarios

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