Canada outsources all government IT to the Cloud!

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Newly elected Minister for Technology and Innovation Neil McEvoy commented from his Florida home that this was excellent news for his fellow Scotsmen, and that he was available for technical support later in the afternoon, after tennis.

Yes of course a spoof, just to demonstrate the type of idea I meant by a ‘hairy audicious goal‘.

Canada Cloud Network

I do believe there is a short window of a really big opportunity in the Cloud computing market, and that Canada (like any other nation) has the opportunity to develop their technology sector in line with it in such a manner as to give a surge to the IT industry. A really big one too, one that go fill a Nortel-sized hole! 🙂

But given the competition and the short time-frame of the window that exists, and the conditions that give rise to Canada slipping in IT innovation terms, any real impact at a global level would require some form of jump-start of this magnitude.

It might not be this, it may any other kind of idea and really the point was to set the scene for your ideas, but it is worth highlighting the role of government, and how much importance there is in their role as ‘anchor tenant’ for the local trade.

The Canadian Government IT spending is around $6billion I believe, so it’s quite the stimulus fund for one. More importantly it’s the process involved, to do a few times is to master it and having done so the government would then have equipped a number of small local businesses with the key asset to go internationally and repeat it.

In neighbouring USA alone they have a $70 billion dollar budget, and are equally only in their preparatory phase too. Recently NIST held their second Cloud workshop, and outlined the standards framework required to spawn widespread adoption throughout the American government sector.

They’re the global leaders and at baby steps stage too, so there’s great opportunity for the fleet of foot, and the expertise they need is the same the Canadian Government needs too.

Vendors like Microsoft obtain IT marketing gold dust when they have concrete examples of technology working effectively in the form of a case study, especially from government. A great example is this one of the City of Edinburgh, and how they enjoyed ‘business transformation’ benefits by outsourcing their IT to local telco British Telecom.

In basic business terms the Cloud Computing sector is a continuation of this type of deal, it’s about outsourcing IT and that the underlying technology to do so has advanced yet another notch, as it keeps doing. Especially for resource-constrained government units this makes it increasingly attractive, with Cloud now reaching the scale it is noticed and commented on by top-level policy setters.

For example in their recent analysis of Cloud computing it was the Privacy Commissioner of Canada that concluded that:

it is possible that the Government of Canada might create a ‘private cloud’ infrastructure internally to facilitate information sharing, or even that some or all government institutions might make use of a cloud infrastructure for data processing or storage.”

It’s not so much possible as inevitable, and the quicker it is done the more competitive advantage is delivered to the commercial industry. Carpe Diem!

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