Mobile Private Cloud

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Image via CrunchBase

For telcos considering their Cloud Computing product strategy, one key area is the overlap between enterprise applications and the mobile markets, aka ‘Mobile Private Cloud’.

As an example of this is the instance of hosted Microsoft Sharepoint described in the Outlook Social Connector article. More specifically, explained in this diagram.

Often when people talk about ‘the Cloud’ they also embrace the general blob of everything Web 2.0 like, including the public social networks of Linkedin, Facebook et al.

Where the diagram shows Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 in the same line up as the Public Cloud apps, actually this itself is a Private Cloud application, it is only accessible to the employees of that organization.

So you get the same feature functions, like status updates, news articles etc., but they are restricted only to the content flow from your organization, partner networks et al.

This is a key segment to tap into, because although people like to read about Lindsay Lohan, they like to follow Tweets and so forth, they’re more interested in the news specific to them, ie. what’s happening in their work, their projects etc.

Thus it’s also a huge traffic generator that the cell providers haven’t really tapped yet, beyond Blackberry email, and additionally the hosted Sharepoint is a Cloud App of quite some value, so a solid revenue generator too.

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