Target Architecture campaign

· Sales Acceleration

A key activity and skillset of Cloud Ventures is ‘Sales Acceleration’. This simply means we dig in at the coal face and very proactively help Cloud Ventures succeed by driving sales revenue activities.

One sales campaign we’re launching is an international business development campaign for Canadian Cloud entrepreneurs, based on the Cloud Computing Roadmap defined by the Canadian Federal Government.

This will provide a framework for Canadian Cloud ventures to expand into international markets, as well as for others to enter into the Canadian market.

Earlier this year they published this 18-page PPT to describe their plans for adopting Cloud Computing, which describes a number of different technologies and the role they will play in an overall business transformation program of Government services.

A Business Transformation exercise is intended to make significant changes to how an organization works, typically centred on the installation of a new or upgrade of an existing major IT application, and the key component is the “Target Architecture”. This is the technical design, based on EA skills (Enterprise Architecture), that defines the blueprint for the new system.

Solutions white paper

As such it can function as a template for others to do the same, such as other governments or indeed any enterprise organization.

The objective of our Target Architecture campaign is to help vendors be integrated into an overall solutions program based on this framework, and thus be best positioned for offering services to the Canadian Federal Government, and also therefore for these other organizations too.

For local Canadian firms this provides the ideal manner in which they can be exported internationally, meaning the Canadian Government is helping play a direct role in making this happen.

The first step of this campaign is to produce a white paper that describes this group activity:


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