A Cloud Ventures Interview

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Part Three of  an Interview with Tom Chalker, CEO and Founder Esotera, Senior Associate Cloud Ventures

We know that telcos are becoming more interested in serving the enterprise with cloud computing solutions. How does Esotera fit into this mix?

Telcos want a return on their investment in communications infrastructure. The new VM technology allows them to get into the infrastructure as a service and software as a service space. This is what the Cloud computing mantra is all about. We can help them now.  We have a solution now that allows them to sell unstructured storage to the SMB. It is fully metered and handles the provisioning process.

We’d like to take this one big step further. The current VM solutions do a good job of efficiently moving applications around available hardware resources. However this doesn’t change the role of the IT staff much at all. Before the cloud they were monitoring the applications as they ran across all of the individual server computers. With the Cloud they are operating some sort of VM provisioning console in which they monitor, start, stop and move application images around. We think there is a need to make the applications themselves aware of the Cloud in which they execute. The application should decide when it needs an additional VM within the context of its own performance parameters. The IT staff should be monitoring application performance rather than VM performance. That’s something we want to build for the Telcos and the SMBs.

Where will you go with the development of Esotera in the near term?

Essentially where I’ve just said. We want to give the Esotera application the responsibility to manage the number of servers it is running based on the number users and the amount of storage in play. We want to make it aware of the Cloud.

I see Esotera working with other application vendors to produce standards that allow many applications in concert to behave this way within a public, private or hybrid cloud. Other pieces are needed, for example, a supervisory piece that coordinates all the applications. It’s an exciting time. The Cloud is about to take off.

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