CA Technologies Deftly Pursues its Strategy for Cloud Security

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Viewed From The Clouds A New Column By Howard Oliver, CEO, What If What Next,, Senior Associate, Cloud Ventures

According to IDC, cloud deployment among enterprises will move beyond “sandboxing” and into mainstream adoption by mid-2011. Overcoming perceived and real security issues will be a major driver to that mainstream adoption. CA Technologies will be well positioned as a major player in the game. In 2010 CA Technologies has mounted a significant acquisition program to establish leadership in the cloud security environment. Acquisitions includes 3Tera Oblicore, Cassatt and Nimsoft.

The acquisition of 3Tera addresses the issue of vendor lock-in for applications architected over on-demand infrastructure provided by cloud vendors such as, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. 3Tera’s AppLogic technology enables companies to “click and drop” applications from existing datacenter systems to virtualized machines, simplifying the architecting and eployment of complex software across various platforms. Oblicore provides service-level management applications. Cassatt contributes software for operating data centers like cloud computing utilities. Nimsoft brings its line of IT performance and system availability tools.

In May, CA announced a CA Cloud-Connected Management Suite that integrated the IP of those compaies.

This week, CA Technologies further unveiled its trajectory in cloud security space with the further detailing cloud computing security initiatives; “attacking the issue of cloud security from three sides: to the cloud, for the cloud and from the cloud”. The three pronged approach leverages CA’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) offerings for governing cloud computing applications, as well as on-premise system. CA’s approach involves a new product, a new customer case study and a new partner that enables CA to target cloud security on three different levels to boost security, ease compliance efforts and automate processes.

There is some concern that CA’s acquisitions are focused on the open source Xen virtualization technology while most companies have standardized on proprietary VMware. This may affect the ability of their customers to cloud burst into public providers. However CA says it will broaden AppLogic’s virtualization capabilities to VMware ESX and Microsoft HyperV. For more on CA’s Cloud security vision visit: Also see:;jsessionid=F4521QQPIKSK3QE1GHPCKHWATMY32JVN?cid=customFeed)

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